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Given Singuluma in Finland

1. Given Singuluma in Finland during his trial indoor game. As a Haka fan I personally consider him as an excellent striker. But I also wonder if all this is so simple as Singuluma is supposing. Clubs in bigger European leagues do not provide contracts after only one year in some other European league. Also, the middle size clubs in Europe are not interested in players wanting to sign only short-term contracts. They want to sell their players to top clubs and short-term contracts make it difficult. Also, a short-term contract is a risk for Singuluma, if he get injured.

In October 2008 Zambian striker Given Singuluma signed for Zanaco FC. Singuluma had been clubless since June after he was released by South African PSL side Bay United. On 21st of January 2009 Singuluma arrived Valkeakoski, Finland to trial for Finnish premier league Veikkausliiga side FC Haka. He played one indoor match on 24th of January and FC Haka provided a three year contract. But Singuluma left Valkeakoski to join Zambian 2009 African Championship of Nations team. When in Finland Singuluma never told about his Zanaco contract. After successful tournament Singuluma agreed to sign an 8 month contract (to the end of Finnish season) with FC Haka. But he never appeared at Valkeakoski again.

At the end of April 2009 news about Singuluma's Haka contract were issued. Singuluma said he signed for FC Haka till November with the hope of moving to a bigger league in Europe:

"I have signed a short-term contract with FC Haka till November. I plan to use the Finnish league, which is not really a very competitive league, as a stepping stone for me to move to a bigger league in Europe, like that of France".

When FC Haka leaders and Haka fans were waiting for Singuluma, rumours about his other contracts started to circulate. I contacted one Zambian journalist who explained:

"Given wants to come to Haka and he is very match ready to play in Finland.

The main problem is that Zanaco fc, the club he was playing for in Zambia as a guest player when he was released in South Africa are claiming ownership that they have a contract with him.

So for him to join Haka, Haka has to buy him from Zanaco.

It is not his fault but typical African Clubs trying benefit from players.

FC Haka's CEO Juha Lahtinen explained that Haka have the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) of Singuluma and contract with Singuluma. If Zanaco disagree, they should contact ZFA and ask withdrawal of ITC with valid evidence. According to Lahtinen Singuluma can arrive Finland and play immediately.

Meanwhile, Haka fans were also informed about Singuluma's contract with T.P Mazembe of Congo DRC. Some readers of are wondering why Singuluma has signed (among others) for a French speaking side and league. But some others suppose that it is because players are well paid, according some rumours the key man at TP gets $20,000 a month. In April 2009 some news told also about his trial in Israel.

According to latest news Singuluma has not joined the national team for World Cup/Africa 2010 clash against the Wasps of Rwanda on June 6. Coach Herve Renard said he has given Singuluma time to sort out his problems before joining camp.

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